05 January 2021

Covid-19 Update January 2021

Face-to-Face Screenings

We would like to update you regarding our position in relation to face-to-face screenings, in light of the announcement from Boris Johnson on 4th January. Having taken the time to interpret what Lockdown 3.0 means and taking into account the various nuances and guidance from across the four nations, we are pleased to confirm that based on current restrictions, we will be continuing to conduct face-to-face screenings across the UK.

Operationally, we have reverted back to a remote working model for our case handlers and our call centres remain open. To manage tasks that cannot be performed remotely, we have introduced a rota for a small cohort of the team to come in to the office on a daily basis.

In summary, our position is that we will continue to offer and/or conduct screenings and medical examinations to those customers who wish to proceed with them. If a customer is not in a position to attend a face-to-face appointment, then alternative arrangements will be made via our video-call system, which proved very popular in March last year. This is all subject to customer consent, any changes in restrictions across the UK and the advice and guidance of our clients.

MDG will be reviewing government and regulatory body guidelines on a regular basis, and will inform all clients of any changes to our procedures if/when appropriate. In these unprecedented times, we hope that you are keeping positive and staying safe.

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