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Screening Services

This combination of services has been built to accommodate the needs of an insurance market that requires to assess their risk prior to or after underwriting policies such as critical illness or simple life assurance cover on a mortgage application. In this situation their risk is the health and wellbeing of their potential policy holder so this must be assessed via one of our screening services before quotations are made or afterwards to check accuracy. We offer service throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Different insurers have a different appetite for risk and as such require different screening services including ECGs, urinalysis, saliva collection and venepuncture alongside vital signs recording and other data collection via interview . At Medicals Direct we can offer Nurse Screening in person or remotely, Doctor Screening in person including ECGs, screening via Tele Interview by qualified professionals or we can support our insurer clients by securing GP Summary Reports from the treating GP directly. GP Summary Reports can be used by insurers in their claims processes also.

Many of our insurer clients choose to shop amongst our screening services secure in the knowledge that a one stop shop approach to the collection of underwriting or claims management fact makes processing these requests easier for them.

Independent Medical Opinion

Medicals Direct is proud to be able to offer their clients access to a wide range of experts, doctors, nurses, all professions allied to medicine, psychologists and audiologists. Our business is clinically led, so in a prime position to help you analyse complex situations and give advice on where to pin point the exact opinion you require whether that be for a personal injury case, a medical negligence case, a criminal injury case or to further investigate a claim on a life insurance or other protection policy. We can also offer occupational health assessments or screening.

We are happy to offer you full reports or provide peer review on existing evidence. Services can be offered face to face, via video link or as with peer review; desktop. Our client portfolio is balanced between claimant, defendant and others so our expert panel remains independent and able to handle requests from different markets without bias.

Functional capacity evaluations can also be organised to give you empirical evidence of an individual’s capacity to perform specific work.

Rehabilitation Case Management, Therapy and Diagnostics

Medicals Direct works with employers, insurers, claimant solicitors and individuals to provide targeted, cost-effective rehabilitation programmes for people who have sustained either an injury or have been recently been diagnosed with a significant illness. We can also simply check how a claimant is doing post settlement.

Every case referred to our team is assessed by an experienced staff member either to provide a stand-alone plan for diagnostics or treatment, or to verify the advice in an existing report. Once the initial assessment process has taken place, we will advise as to the most effective course of action moving forwards, setting out a menu of requirements, and advising on the likely outcome and cost for each intervention. This can include but is not limited to physiotherapy, psychological therapy, diagnostics, surgery and return to work support. The aim of this will be to help the individual to optimise their own recovery.

Dependent on individual circumstances the assessment may take the form of a simple triage over the telephone right through to a face to face visit where problems and barriers to recovery can be discussed in depth. If, after initial assessment, a case fits the criteria for case management, this is highlighted and the onward plan will be presented in a succinct report format.

The case manager will ensure the coordination of all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic strands possibly including the integration of statutory NHS and social services as required. Throughout the execution of the plan, update reports will keep all stakeholders apprised of progress.

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