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About Us

Medicals Direct has been one of the leading providers of medical evidence gathering services since 1994. We use secure and innovative technology to accelerate the end-to-end process and deliver a consistently superior standard of customer service throughout the entire process. We are proud to be part of  the Inuvi group. www.inuvi.co.uk

Medicals Direct is based in Borehamwood; made up of experienced staff at all levels, committed to providing the best and most efficient customer experience to everyone we come in contact with.

We are not afraid to be ambitious. Consequently, we strive to do a great job every minute of every day. We set ourselves high standards and take ownership of our performance, so that we get it right first time. To achieve this, it is necessary to constantly assess our processes, procedures and guidelines to ensure they are up to date and relevant. We embrace innovation and strive to offer first to market technology.

Our Values

H – Holistic – we consider the whole situation and work hard to reduce the barriers faced by our clients and customers.

E – Energetic – we will not rest until we find an evidence based solution; pushing the limits but respecting the boundaries.

A – Authentic – our work is based on fact, is accurate and reliable; our people are dependable, professional, honest and a pleasure to work with.

L – Logical – we push to find new, better ways of working and embrace change.

T – Team Players – we respect knowledge and difference and understand that timely delivery leads to success in any team or project.

H – Humble – we offer choice and opportunity so that our customers and clients retain control.

Governance and Quality Assurance

Medicals Direct operates a system of integrated governance to support all of its business functions including corporate activities, IT governance and clinical skill. Our system is underpinned by current ISO accreditations 9001, 22301 and 27001. Alongside this, we adhere to the Caldicott principles.

Our governance framework is underpinned by 7 pillars of competence.

  1. We run a comprehensive AUDIT system and through this not only benchmark our practice against baseline but strive to improve.
  2. We maintain an integrated RISK MANAGEMENT process and encourage input from every level of the organisation.
  3. We take recruitment and selection seriously for both our employees and our network of associates creating a system of DUE DILGENCE for every appointment.
  4. Robust TRAINING is given specific to every role as well as ongoing mandatory training in relevant topics.
  5. OUR CUSTOMERS are at the centre of all we do so feedback from them and our clients guides us. We are a learning organisation that enjoys analysing its practice and listening to its users
  6. Treatment is always based on EVIDENCE and is outcomes measured.
  7. We do not tolerate poor practice so embed a culture of SPEAKING OUT. We do not lay blame but work together to find innovative solutions and support each other to do so.

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