22 February 2021

MDG and Immediate Needs Annuities providers launch Common Quote Process

We are thrilled to announce that MDG is partnering with Aviva, Just, Legal & General and National Friendly to create a common quote process for the Immediate Needs Annuity market.

The new service will involve MDG gathering medical information on behalf of the four providers, saving time and removing additional pressure on care providers and GP surgeries. Advisers will benefit from dealing with one company (MDG), rather than four, streamlining the process.

As experts in the field of medical data gathering services since 1994, MDG will deliver accurate medical data to providers to underwrite their quotes and will be perfectly positioned to partner with the providers to build a successful, stable and customer focused service.

Suzanne Wilkinson, Account Director at MDG said: “We are thrilled to be able to provide this new, exciting service and work closely with our partners at Aviva, Just, Legal & General and National Friendly.”

Key benefits to the new process include:

  • A new Care Fees Plan Questionnaire (CFPQ) 2021 has been developed to include all four providers, which only needs to be emailed to MDG in a streamlined process.
  • This single questionnaire enables advisers to request quotes from all companies at once. Advisors will also receive progress alerts as their case reaches key milestones.
  • MDG will use nurses to gather medical data from care homes by telephone interview on behalf of all providers and will obtain one GP report that can be used by all the providers that require one. This will help to reduce pressure on care homes and GP surgeries.
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