20 November 2018

MDG have agreed to work with the Cavell Trust

MDG have agreed to work with the Cavell Trust, coming soon you will see our name amongst these other organisations supporting the charity.

Nurses are here for us at the worst of times, putting our needs first. But like all of us, there are times when they need help too. That’s why Cavell Nurses’ Trust are there to support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants when they face hardship. By joining the team at Cavell Nurses’ Trust, MDG will have the opportunity to help these hardworking individuals and make a real difference to the lives of those who are there for us in our time of need.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust provides support for UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship – often because of illness, disability, domestic abuse and the effects of older age. They are a charity, and they offer people financial assistance at no cost to them. They give a listening ear and practical support to everyone who asks for help. Put simply, they’re #HereForNurses.

In the last year 2,200 nursing professionals have contacted them asking for help and they are proud to be able to help all who get in touch. Whether it’s signposting to partner organisations, maximising benefits, funding new clothes after weight loss due to illness, repairing a broken boiler to heat the family home or funding towards setting up a new home as the result of suffering domestic abuse, Cavell Nurses’ Trust makes a big impact on nurses’ lives.


Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell was a British nurse during the First World War. She is celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides and in helping over 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium.

On Friday, 12th October we mark the death of Edith Cavell, who was executed by a German firing squad at dawn in 1915.  Her execution received worldwide condemnation and extensive press coverage. Her image and story were widely used in propaganda and recruitment posters encouraging British soldiers to sign up to the war effort.

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