29 July 2020

Mind the Gap: A Handbook by Malone Mukwende

Here at MDG clinical assessment is our specialty. Our associate networks of doctors and nurses operate nationwide to provide face-to-face screening of customers for our clients. This is supplemented by our in house team of nurses who assess 100’s of customers every month. It is extremely important that we all stay relevant and abreast of any new evidence or updates available which may hone our assessment skills.

We were excited to see that Malone Mukwende, a second year medical student from St. George’s, University of London, produced a resource, which shows how clinical signs appear on darker skin, called Mind the Gap at the beginning of July.

This handbook was produced as a result of his personal experience in medical education as part of a student-staff partnership project. This is a much needed resource addressing many issues that have been further exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as families being asked if potential Covid-19 patients are ‘pale’ or if their lips ‘turned blue’.

Medical textbooks have a white skin bias and do not contain the vocabulary required to describe clinical signs and symptoms on all skin colours. Malone is looking for a publisher to take this resource to the next level; please look out for it when it hits the shelves.

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