26 September 2023

The Benefits of Hybrid Working at Medicals Direct

Many people dream of working from home believing it’s the ideal happy work life balance. It isn’t a new concept and for many it is a major perk of the emerging digital working world when looking for a job. In March 2020 COVID forced businesses to adopt the concept, for some almost overnight. Not all business were prepared for any sort of remote working however, Medicals Direct had the infrastructure in place and the dedication of its staff to provide a continued service to our customers; functioning seamlessly in the chaos.

Many enjoyed the new way of working and had a taste of what life could be like in the future. Fast forward to 2023 and things are quite different, again adapting; there have been some complications of the fully remote working model. At Medicals Direct we have seen the need to adjust some of our functions so address subtleties such as flexibility and expansion of responsibilities with an emphasis on mental health, well-being and keeping the remote team engaged. Broadening the mind set of businesses to accept this new way of working was a major hurdle that COVID helped to overcome.

The opportunity to work at home some days and in the office on others has proven very beneficial. Offering this balanced approach has helped in retaining valued employees, provided a more expansive resource bank plus better cooperation, understanding and appreciation between departments at all levels. The hybrid working model has awarded both employees and the business fantastic flexibility, whilst continuing to provide great customer service and improved staff well-being.

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