30 August 2023

Why not go green and try our remote screening service ?

Our Virtual Screenings Service was originally set up during the first lockdown following the initial Covid-19 outbreak. As our self-employed Nurse Network was not able to conduct face to face medicals in customers’ homes due to the government guidelines, Virtual Screenings were offered as an alternative to our Clients. The service proved to be a huge success and enabled part of the business to continue operating during a difficult period. Following its success, the Virtual Screenings Service is still available and is currently being used by many of our Insurer Clients as it provides an alternative option to having a face to face medical – it’s always good to have a choice! The customer has the flexibility of selecting a suitable time for the screening and it is carried out from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual screenings are conducted by one of our registered nurses over the phone. The medical itself is completed and signed electronically by both the Customer and the nurse, making the process quick and efficient. We offer instant tests if required with the medical. The tests available are cholesterol, glucose and cotinine. Insurers also have the option to request blood pressure readings and saliva tests if required. The nurse guides the customer through the requirements for all tests. This process has been extremely successful. Please contact Nishma Varsani nvarsani@test.medicalsdirectgroup.co.uk for further information.

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